The 100 Mile Week

For many of you reading this you have probably spent a summer putting 5-10 weeks in a row of 100+ miles. For me, more of a middle distance type guy who put in quality over quantity for mileage, I was never able to hit this cool feat.

I only ever hit 90 miles once in XC season back in college. I also do find it a little funny that some of my former teammates run 100 miles in a day. To that I say “Screw You Hammersmith”

Any how, I got on a good schedule this week thanks to my lovely wife. Also my son has been great as he has been along with most of these miles.

Again I’m excited to hit this even though I’ve been running with Mike Andersen who is hitting 140 per week, or have run with a guy who hit 100 in a day. I can’t let that take away from what I’m doing for the fist time.

This is no different than if you were going to break a 5:00 min mile for the first time. I would still be super excited for you as you should be for yourself even knowing the top marathoners run faster than that for 26.2 miles.

So here is my week and how I hit my best week ever…also my best week since foot surgery, May 21, 2012, has been 65 miles.
– Morning 8 Miles 6:34 pace
– Noon 8 Miles 6:24 pace
– Morning 8 Miles GPS Fail (pushing stroller)
– Noon 8 Miles 6:36 pace (pushing stroller)
– Morning 8 Miles 6:31 pace (pushing stroller)
– Noon 8 Miles 6:28 pace (pushing stroller)
– Morning 8 Miles Workout (10X500 4:41 pace, rest 37sec)
– Noon 10 Miles 7:30ish (Single Track Trails)
– Morning 6 Miles 6:51 pace (week is catching up to me)
– Noon 0
– Morning 8 Miles 6:47 pace (still feeling tired)
– Noon 8 Miles 6:50 pace (It was 91 degrees)
– Morning 8 Miles 6:11 pace (pushing stroller)
– Noon 4 Miles 6:37 pace (pushing stroller 90 degrees)