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Some good and some bad. I wanted to take some time before I wrote this to let the emotions simmer down a bit. Chicago was a really cool experience. I had a great time with Jamie, Joel, and Chase. We stayed in a hotel right at the start which was sweet and made for a short walk in the morning.

Let’s talk a little truth first…men and women just peeing in the street at the coral..mind you I’m up front with the elite sooo that was unexpected. I know we normally run to a tree or something but the women generally hide it…not here…again I get it but just wasn’t ready for it.

The race it self was odd…I new within the first few steps that my legs and body just were not feeling normal. There was a sluggishness to my body and a heaviness to my legs. This is never a good thing when you have 26 more miles to go.

I was very foolish in telling everyone I was going to run with the lead women…I was even more foolish is knowing how I was feeling and also being told they would be paced at 2:19 – 2:20 and at best I was going to run 2:22. Being the arrogant ass I was I jumped right up with them and went for it.

We had the TV cameras on us from the start. I was sporting my new Reckless Running jersey being all Billy Badass up there. In the back of my mind I kept thinking…slow down and just let them go…we don’t want a death march in the last few miles.

I tried to take it all in and enjoy this race but the thought of dying at the end was overwhelming. Chicago was amazing in that the streets are lined with people for 26.2 miles…it is insane. Also if you are going to watch the race you need to contact Wes Stoody as he knew all of the points to see us. He should be a paid guide for spectators…provided they can run fast enough to get to each point.

As predicted around the 18 mile mark the race began to take it’s toll on me. The elite women dropped something stupid like a 5:10 and I waved them goodbye. I was quickly in no mans land and ran almost the rest of the race by myself…with each mile getting slower and more painful.

This brings me to my next thought…I think for the next marathon I will be wearing trainers versus racing flats. My lower leg muscles hurt so bad by the time I get to 18 miles when in flats, yet with trainers I can run 20 miles and be fine.

I also have no disillusion of me being able to call myself a marathoner…yet. Maybe once I have run a better time and logged a few more races will I be able to say that.

So here are the split breakdowns
10-5:27 54:18

At 25 Miles I calculated my time and knew that if I pushed I could still get a PR…It wasn’t going to be much but for the $1,000 this trip cost me, I better get something out of this. So I ran my 2:27.42 which bested my Detroit time of 2:28.30 but no where close to the 2:22 zone I was hoping for.

Tom Clifford gave me a very long explanation in how the body builds up lactic acid and what happens if we take off to quickly with out a warm up (since you don’t really warm up much for the marathon) Had I started the run in 5:50 or so I might have had a better day…plus I pushed some of my workouts a little to hard against my Coach’s orders.

There is a lot to learn from this…will I try a marathon again…sure…but only if I truly commit to it and put in the miles needed.

Chillin With The Ladies

Chillin With The Ladies

Clentched Fist

Clentched Fist

Thank God That's Over

Thank God That’s Over