Getting Ready For Chicago Marathon

I’m sitting on a plane right now headed to Denver but I just had to post this sweet workout. I’m committed to run the Chicago Marathon this year, as soon as I can stomach the damn $175 for entry fee, so I have been banging out the longer workouts. So far my mileage is still averaging only 60 miles per week which is weak but back when I ran 2:28 I only averaged 35 miles per week.

Since Magic Mike is out of town, and The Greek is doing who knows what, I had to call on my third string Kenny Powers for a partner in crime on this mornings run. I do want to thank Kenny greatly as his wife and two kids were out of town and he has been enjoying his time to sleep in but he manned up for me today for a 7:00am start time on the Pinckney path.

Coach wanted me to do a 10 mile build up to 5:20/pace (2:19.44 for the marathon) and try to hold that for as many miles as I can. Well I was feeling pretty damn good this morning and we didn’t hit one 5:20.

1. 5:19
2. 5:12
3. 5:10
4. 5:13
5. 5:12
6. 5:14
7. 5:09
8. 5:09
9. 5:08

Total time of 51:48 5:10-11 pace (2:15.48 marathon pace)

YES YES I know 10 miles is way off a marathon. So I will be shooting to run 5:24 pace which is 2:21.29…if I feel good with 6 to go then maybe I’ll pick it up. I’m not gonna lie, since Wrightsville Beach where I locked up with 4 to go, I’m scared of that happening again. I can push through pain and fatigue no problem but when your body (my leg) just stops working that is a different story.

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