Work It Out Baby

Well I have been meaning to get this tempo over with. I could not seem to get anyone to help me out with this either, which was kinda disappointing.

So I figured I better try to slow it down a little and just see how the first mile goes. If I came through in 5:05 ish then I would try to push this to a 4 mile tempo. If I came through faster and everything felt good I would try to push the pace a little and just make it a 5K.

Well I came through much faster than I had hoped and it felt much easier than I was expecting. I think after running that 4:20 last Monday (5/27/2013) made this pace seem much more relaxed.

At no point did I stress my body in this workout. This was just a smooth comfortable pace. I was a little distracted in the third mile as the Pinckney High School kids came out on the track for gym class, so my time slipped a little. I thought I was gonna grab a 4:40 on that mile.

I was lucky enough to have Chase sitting in the stroller at the start line. Every lap I pointed at him and he pointed back, smile, and scream. Then offered me up some milk from his sippy cup. I couldn’t stop smiling.

This was a great morning with my little guy and a memory I’m sure I’ll remember for ever…at least if I come back and read this post 😉

5K = 15:00.16