300 Meter Whaaa

Just a nice workout that I finished up today.

1X800m 2:09
500M Jog rest (3:00min)
12x300m 51 low average (100M Jog rest about 35 seconds)
400m Jog rest
1x800m 2:10 (2:40min)

This was one of those workouts that you finish and you can tell yourself everything is going in the right direction. The hardest part of this workout is that I was doing it solo.

As I was doing this work out I was thinking how under utilized the 300m distance is in training. I feel that when we do speed we do 200m and when we do distance it’s 400m…the 300 is such a great in between distance to keep up the speed and yet add some endurance. If you don’t believe me go run 12 of those bastards at your goal 5K pace with only a 100m jog for the rest. If you can finish up the 300m then try the full work out with the 800m in it. This work out with jogging rest is 4 miles plus your warm up and cool down. I did 2 mile warm up and cool down giving me a nice 8 for the afternoon plus an easy 4 in the morning.