Wrightsville Beach Marathon

Time to go public…a group of us will be going down to the Wrightsville Beach Marathon this March. Finishing is always a good goal…but I would like to come close to my marathon time of 2:28.30 from Detroit back in 2010. I have a very long way to go and only a short time to get there. Last week I hit my highest week of running since the surgery at 55 Miles with a long run of 16 miles at 6:20 pace.

This week I’m on pace to be a little closer to 60 miles. I did a nice workout on the indoor track by myself today of 16 X 400M averaging 74.41 with 100m jog recovery (about 35 seconds.) I felt nice and smooth and probably could have easily gone to 20…woulda, shoulda, coulda.