Did you die!?!

No I didn’t die…I just didn’t think posting unexciting things would be worth either of our time. So for a quick update…I have been running around 30 miles a week with nothing super fantastic until recently.

The biggest issues I’ve had is if I go off and have a great run then the next day my surgery foot was in peril. I also discovered 14 miles seemed to be my painful cap. I feel like in the past 2 weeks I have turned that corner.

My runs are easily dropping under 7:00 min. pace and this week I’m falling under 6:00 min. pace pretty easily. I also had my first workout on the indoor track and in spikes!! I thought it went really well. My old body moved around the track with 8x400M in about 64.8 seconds on average. Now I just keep telling my self “I don’t have to get any faster, just stronger :-]”

You might not believe it but after doing this workout my foot seems to be feeling a lot better. Spikes really make you use more muscles in your legs and feet than you normally do hence the incredible soreness 😉 and I’m sure some of you are saying “No $hit Sherlock.”

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll try to keep you a little more updated and entertained…There’s only about 150 of you that read this damn thing 😛