Kensington Hill Challenge

It was an amazing turn out today for the Kensington Hill Challenge! We had competitors hailing from at least three different zip codes.

Mike Anderson pulled away early on then held a steady lead from the group finishing as this week’s champion. To everyone’s surprise, New Comer Chase Desilets, rallied and made a very strong push for seconds place. Rumors about Chase saying he could do this course in his sleep, spread quickly as photographers actually snapped a picture of Chase sleeping while climbing the hill. Mike Anderson better lookout if Chase decides to stay awake for these nine grueling miles.

Has-been, Jordan Desilets, had a very unimpressive 3rd place finish. The medical staff was actually on standby as it looked like Jordan might collapse at any moment.

Ken Larscheid, a favorite for the number two spot today, just didn’t have it. It looks like his cardio is getting better, which he proved on the flats, but he just needs to add some more to his strength to help him power up those hills.

Mark Savedes aka “The Ghost” he’s so old he might actually be a real ghost. Although he finished 5th again for the third week in a row, don’t let that fool you. His overall times on the flats and the hills were much improved week over week. At one point fans were saying Savedes was clocked around 6:10/mile pace. It just seems that everyone kicked it up a notch today. It could be due to the new blood in the group just getting in there and shaking things up a bit.

Thanks for tuning in!