Ready to Rock

Finally had a great race! On Friday we headed over to Grand Valley State University to run on the 300 meter indoor track, which is awesome looking. I knew I was in 8:10 shape…roughly and I was excited to see what I could do. For the past week all I could thunk about was this race. Not that this was a championship race or an indication of future success but I thunk it was more of seeing if I still hold true to my competitive edge and have the ability to push on when all systems are telling you to stop.

The race went out very hard. I think we might have hit the 400m in 63 then we slowed a little and came through the 800m around 2:07-8 which is still well under my slow personal best of 8:10. My mind played games on me letting me know I can’t run that fast but I also knew that if the lead pack broke me I would not reach my goal of sub 8:10. A few guys past me putting me back to 10th place but my coach was right there to assure me that I can beat that guy and retake the position on the back stretch, so I did. Eventually the lead pack pushed to hard and broke away from the rest of us. So now I was leading the back pack trying to maintain a competitive pace. With about 400m to go I began pushing harder and harder.

1,000M TO GO

I wanted to catch back up to my training partner Corey. I flew around the last 200m at this point I was only racing the clock and I was willing my legs to keep moving. Eventually I crossed that finish line 6seconds behind the lead pack. They were 8:06 and I came in at 8:12. It was no PR but it was a good step in the right direction. Thanks for the great pictures Mitch Zost of me in my new Michigan Rehab. uniform.