Odd Long Run

So sometimes when you are out and about running it can be like a treasure hunt. I mean how many of you have found a CD, Credit Cards, or a few bucks? Well I have been lucky on a lot of my runs…not as lucky as my High School Coach who found some money that was just stolen from a bank but I have found a brand new video game $50 value, around $100 once, a used…well nevermind, and this past Sunday Corey and me were out and came across a 55″ 1080 DLP Flat Screen TV. Needless to say our pace hastened as we headed back to my house to grab a car to haul this thing back to my house.

After we get it back to the house we plug it and turn it on…of course it doesn’t work properly…it looks in perfect condition and tries to turn on but something is just not right…So after a few Google searches and my handy Andy skills I pull the thing apart and find out that the light is burnt out on it which is only an $88 part. So it’s in the mail and HOPEFULLY this is the only glitch in the system. If this thing works perfectly after I swap the lights this might be my greatest find ever!!! I’ll keep you all posted.

If any of you have any great finds please post them down below!