2 X 3 Mile Whaaaaaat

So after failing hard at a 4 mile tempo a few weeks ago running 5:05, 5:00, 5:16, DNF. We came back this past week running 2 x 3 Mile 5:05, 5:04, 5:03 then coming back in 5:00, 4:53, 4:55 Bringing the revenge like BOOM!

Coming Back

It’s been while since my last post…I spent most of the summer trying to keep my feet from falling off but I’m to the point now where I understand that every step is going to hurt so time to just buck up and deal with it.

A Nice Relaxing Long Run

Nothing special here, just Coach on the bike with Corey and me running along side. Haven’t done this loop in a long time. It’s all the low traffic dirt roads out by Domino’s (pizza HQ) Farms, Ann Arbor. It’s got some nice climbs on it as well…we almost sent the medivac to get Coach on Joy Rd. after the we ran up the big boy 🙂 Hope you all got outside and got to enjoy what little sun we had this weekend.

It Means “Know Thyself”

Thanks Oracle (from Matrix)  This was just a nice paced 10 mile run Corey and me banged out on Thursday.  We will be headed down to Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday to chase the qualifying standards for USATF Championships 2011 and for Olympic Trials 2012.  Hopefully our hard work will pay off this weekend and we will get to breath easy for a day in knowing that we hit the time.  Otherwise, like Jay-Z said,  It’s on to the next one.



Nice Easy Tempo Run

After Monday’s killer steeple workout and Tuesday’s heavy lifting session I asked if we could do a relaxed tempo run…so coach said 5 miles 5:00 pace…
24:19 – not a bad 8k 🙂

Solid Like a Rock

Lots of home remodeling going on right now but I don’t want to get into that as it has been nightmare after another. You can check my Facebook for those pics. On a positive note I had a really nice workout on Tuesday. We did 5 x 800 2:11, 2:09, 2:09, 2:09, 2:07 = AVG 2:09 Last time I did this workout I popped of a pretty fast mile. I’m starting to get a little pumped about my fitness…feeling like an athlete again.

6° of Separation

Well Friday was a great workout with 6 X mile we all ran awesome starting at 4:46, 4:42, 4:40, 4:39, 4:35, 4:30…Then today came and we did a lovely run around 13.5 miles and the temperature gauge was reading 6° and the separation came from my toes and fingers leaving the rest of my body. Today was just a cold crappy slow run but at least I had warm company 🙂